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Hi Guys, I am the more intelligent, funny, outgoing, cooler, better looking and funnier of the two 😉 haha I’m kidding. I have a huge passion for fashion, fitness, presenting, creating, documenting and all things social media and I will be showcasing my passions on this website that will hopefully give you a little help & guidance in your everyday life whether it be giving you some fashion inspiration or a fitness workout. I’ll be sharing a lot of my content on here as well as my other social media channels so don’t forget to follow me and get to know the real me. I appreciate all the support. Will


I’m Henry the more reserved of the two of us, slightly more introverted and probably the brains of us both. I’m a big advocate on styling and mens fitness and how when both combined can give you that boost in confidence a lot of us gents need. This website is a space for me to share my interests in the fashion, fitness and lifestyle space. You’ll see much of my passion for photography, writing and content creation on this blog and my other social channels too. Please don’t forget to support and follow my other channels too, thank you. Henry

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